All Hail the King of Fruit: 4 Amazing Mango Recipes

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Allegedly mangos are indigenous to Southeast Asia, but that hasn’t stopped the Caribbean from claiming them as our very own. As far as we’re concerned, the Mango truly is the King of All Fruit! Most Americans may never even know that there’s more than one variety, but if you ever make a summer trip down to the islands, specifically Jamaica, try East Indian mangos, Bombay, black mangoes, number 11, Julie, Haden, common mangoes and anything else available.

There are folks who eat the skin of this sweet, meaty fruit, but usually it is removed with either a knife or more commonly the teeth. The juicy flesh underneath can be smooth or stringy, and the fruit itself comes in all different shapes and sizes. Fortunately for those of us outside of the tropics, grocery store ethnic sections often carry the puree, and occasionally carry the actual fruit. So let’s get into how you can make this summer fruit into something extra special for your family.

1. Chef Irie’s Mango Key Lime Pie

With only 5 simple ingredients, this easy treat is a gastronomic theatrical production starring tart Floridian key lime juice, meaty mango and sweet condensed milk. Use a ready-made graham cracker pie shell to create an amazing Summer treat everyone will love! (Get the recipe)

2. Mango Chutney

The island of Trinidad sits at the Southern end of the Caribbean’s archipelago. While the Caribbean is an exciting melange of cultures, Trinidad’s heritage is very strongly Indian. In the Indian tradition, both sweet and savory chutneys abound. Mango chutney is sweet and robust, and is an awesome condiment for your pork or poultry dishes and more. It lasts a good long time and placed in a jar makes a great gift.

Click the image to get the recipe

Click the image to get the recipe

3. Latin Mango Salsa

When made fresh, we’re not sure if we could call mango salsa a condiment, but we ARE sure we’re going to call it delicious! A traditional Latin mango salsa goes great with chips, grilled chicken, fish, pork, just about anything you want to make super delicious. It is sweet, crunchy and fresh because of combination of the soft fruit, peppers, cilantro and lime juice. With just a little seasoning you have an easy dish for any occasion. 

Taste the Islands Mango Salsa

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4. Mango Martini

We had to round this list out with a refreshing summer libation. Although a traditional martini is a blend of gin and vermouth, the more modern – flavored martini or “(insert flavor here)-tini” includes vodka along with your juice of choice. A mango martini infused with a squeeze of lime offers the perfect blend of sweetness, freshness and naughtiness. Please drink responsibly!

Click image to get the recipe

Click image to get the recipe

Remember to take photos of your summer mango creations and share them with us on our facebook page, on pinterest or on instagram using the hashtag #tastetheislands so we can share them with our community. Enjoy!