4 Caribbean Chicken Recipes

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Chicharrón de Pollo - Puerto Rican Fried Chicken - Puerto Rican Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Chicharrón de Pollo / Puerto Rican Fried Chicken

Universally loved and highly versatile chicken is right at home in the Caribbean where fried chicken has plenty of spice, stews burst with flavor, and the feet don’t go to waste! We put together a few delicious and satisfying Caribbean chicken recipes to try at home. For those who love flavorful, tender, and juicy chicken, these dishes are sure to be a hit.

1. Chicharrón de Pollo (Puerto Rican Fried Chicken)

Chicharrón de Pollo is fried chicken, Puerto Rican style. Chicken legs are breaded in flour with garlic, oregano, and achiote seasoning and then deep fried until golden and crispy. Enjoy these with warm tostones or rice and beans. Get the recipe for authentic Chicharrón de Pollo.

2. Fricase de Pollo (Cuban Stewed Chicken)

Fricase de Pollo is a mouthwatering Cuban dish of tender chicken in a stew of vegetables, tomato sauce, broth, wine, herbs, and spices. Fricase de Pollo is traditionally made with a whole chicken, but this recipe with chicken breast is a lot quicker to make and just as good! Comforting potato and carrot contrast with pimento-stuffed green olives for a well rounded dish that hits every taste bud. Get the Fricase de Pollo recipe.

Fricase de Pollo / Fricassee Chicken - Cuban Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Fricase de Pollo / Fricassee Chicken

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