5 Caribbean Appetizers – Recipes for Starters

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3. Trinidadian Callaloo

Although callaloo refers to completely different foods in different islands, in Trinidad callaloo refers to a recipe served as soup, a side dish, or a sauce. Elevate your Caribbean meal from darn good to amazingly classic with this creamy, melt in your mouth, greens-based, coconutty dish.  Though the dish originated in West Africa, our Trini version is the kind an Island mama would make to make you feel “right at home”. Try this authentic Trinidadian Callaloo recipe.

Trinidadian Callaloo recipe - Caribbean Appetizers

Trinidadian Callaloo

4. Barbados Breadfruit Roll

Most nations have some version of meat-filled pastry in their cuisine. Think of Irish Pasties, Russian Piroshkis, and Mexican Empanadas. And the island of Barbados can certainly claim its very own unique version. Using breadfruit as the base for the exterior “bread,” the baked meat or fish filled appetizer called a Breadfruit Roll is beautiful to look at as slices of the spiral-shaped savory pastry are fanned out on a serving platter. Get the recipe for Barbados Breadfruit Roll

Barbados Breadfruit Roll recipe - Caribbean Appetizers

Barbados Breadfruit Roll

5. Trinidadian Pholourie

These deep-fried golden morsels are casual or festive Trinidadian appetizers with an unexpected hint of curry.  Imagine piles of these light and airy, but spicy, Caribbean profiteroles, drizzled and dripping with a tamarind glaze, or served alongside a mango chutney dipping sauce. Get the recipe for Trinidadian Pholourie.

Trinidadian Pholourie recipe - Caribbean Appetizers

Trinidadian Pholourie

Share your Caribbean Appetizers

No matter which Caribbean Appetizer you try, there is no doubt you’ll set the stage for the delectable Island meal that is to follow.  And who doesn’t like a gentle but alluring “warm up” to what promises to be a wonderful culinary experience! Share your Caribbean Appetizer recipes with us at tti@tastetheislandstv.com. 

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