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The Best Jamaican Cookbook – Get Your Exclusive First Look

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50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes - Best Jamaican Cookbook - Taste the Islands Caribbean Cookbook

50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes – Taste the Islands Essentials

The team at Taste the Islands is extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of our first digital cookbook – 50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes! We found many Jamaican recipe collections out there, but as you know we’re sticklers for beautiful presentation. Of course, we went ahead and made the simplest, best Jamaican cookbook our way. It’ll be the first in a series where we do some culinary island hopping, curating popular island favorites into nicely illustrated collections like these. We’ve started off with Jamaica, because for many on our team, that’s home…

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Jamaica is known for its music, sun, sea, sand, and its food, not necessarily in that order. In the repertoire of Jamaican foods and recipes you’ll find lots of well seasoned proteins, lots of whole foods, fruits and ground provisions. It’s a heartier, less refined and more rustic way of food preparation.

So What’s in this Book?

You won’t find the gourmet versions of Jamaican fare made on our television show in this book. From jerk chicken to stewed oxtail and curried goat, this collection includes 50 of the most popular Jamaican dishes made in the authentic Jamaican ways, or modified slightly for the convenience of an international readership.

Jamaicans don’t typically use measurements like cups or teaspoons. They prefer to use a ‘pack’ here, a ‘can’ there and a ‘likkle bit’ of something-another where necessary. As such, please feel free to modify these recipes to your own taste as well.

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What’s with the Titles?

Now, if you know any Jamaicans, then you know that their English is a slightly modified, broken and much more colorful version of the Queen’s English. We’ve titled the recipes with their Jamaican names rather that the proper English names. So for example, Curried Goat will be titled ‘Curry Goat’ and Brown Stewed Chicken is titled ‘Brown Stew Chicken’.

We’ve also included a glossary for some of the elements you may know by other names or may not know at all. You can find many of these ingredients fresh or frozen at your local grocer if you live in an area with a large Jamaican population. If not, you can try a local West Indian or Latino ethnic store. If all else fails, you can find everything you need on Amazon.

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Like Jamaicans Say ‘Eat Good’!

If you have questions, you can always contact us at recipes[at]tastetheislandstv[dot]com. And of course, visit the website at www.tastetheislandstv.com for an ever growing resource on Caribbean food, travel and culture. If you were going on a journey Jamaicans would say “walk good”. As you cook through this book on a culinary journey we’ll say – EAT GOOD!

If you have already downloaded your preview copy of the simplest, best Jamaican cookbook “50 Favorite Jamaican Recipes”, please leave a comment below.

Thanks and have an awesome day!