5 Caribbean Appetizers – Recipes for Starters

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Chiquetaille de Morue recipe - Caribbean Appetizers

Chiquetaille de Morue

Whether you’re making a dinner for two, or planning to host several guests for Sunday dinner, Caribbean Appetizers are sure to stimulate anyone’s appetite.  Curiously complex, savory, and unique, Caribbean appetizers stand as a perfect introduction to an equally amazing upcoming meal. 

1. Chiquetaille de Morue

This appetizer pronounced ‘shi-tie’, a favorite in Haiti, is solidly refreshing, colorful, and tasty.  Flaked codfish that is the main ingredient is mixed with a vinaigrette that is peppery and mouth-puckering. Combined, they create a light but authentic taste of the Caribbean. Click here to get the Chiquetaille recipe.

2. Conch Fritters

Conch Fritters are tremendously popular in the Bahamas where conch is the national food. Conch mollusk meat that is extracted from its classic shell is at the heart of this appetizer. It begins with rich seafood and fresh produce, all properly diced and spiced. Those form the foundation of the batter that is then deep-fried and served with simple dipping sauces. Get the recipe for Conch Fritters.

Conch Fritters recipe - Caribbean Appetizers

Conch Fritters

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