5 Bahamian Cocktail Recipes

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Goombay Smash Recipe - Cocktail Recipes

Goombay Smash

There’s no doubt about it.  The Bahamas and beverages just “go together” like sand and seawater.  Here we have five different Bahamian cocktail recipes that we think will expand your personal list of favorite drinks, and create lifetime memories of tropical breezes, stress-free days, happiness, and drinkable bliss.

1. Goombay Smash

If you are looking for a darn good time, and a liquid experience of Bahamian nationalism, a Goombay Smash is the drink for you.  First concocted and served in the 60’s at the still infamous Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar of Green Turtle Cay, this sweet tropical cocktail will have you smacking your lips with the flavors of coconut, apricot, pineapple and orange. Click here to try Goombay Smash.

2. Yellow Bird

This rum-based, fruity and citrusy drink with a distinct banana liqueur highlight, was named after the famous song.  While listening to Harry Belafonte’s version of “Yellow Bird” (which essentially became the lyrical anthem for the Bahamas), sit back, relax and refresh yourself with this beautiful cocktail of the same name. Get the recipe for Yellow Bird here.

Yellow Bird Recipe - Cocktail Recipes

Yellow Bird

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