5 Bahamian Cocktail Recipes

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3. Gully Wash/Sky Juice

While these two well-known Bahamian cocktails are very similar, there is one vital difference between them.  The liquor.  Both drinks feature coconut water and condensed milk (of all things!), however the Gully Wash often uses gin as its defining characteristic, and the Sky Juice makes its mark with the use of rum and a finishing sprig of fresh mint.  Serve this unusual, creamy, coconut zinger-of-a-drink over lots of ice. Try this refreshing Gully Wash recipe.

Gully Wash Recipe - Cocktail Recipes

Gully Wash

4. Planter’s Punch

This simple Bahamian cocktail will have you asking for “Another, please!”  Kind of like a mojito without the mint, this cool, limey, fizzy, sweet-n-sour drink, is just perfect on a hot day, with enough rum to take the edge off of all your worries. Get the recipe for Planter’s Punch.

Planter's Punch Recipe - Cocktail Recipes

Planter’s Punch

5. Bahama Breeze

Aside from its absolutely gorgeous color, the Bahama Breeze is sure to become one of your go-to cocktails because of its cool complexity.  Caribbean dark rum is at the heart of this drink.  A nice dose of lemon keeps it from being too sweet or clingy, but the final hint of honey takes this drink from fine to sublime. Click here for the Bahama Breeze recipe.

Bahama Breeze Recipe - Recipe Cocktails

Bahama Breeze

Share your favorite Caribbean Cocktail Recipes

Regardless of which drink you pick from the menu you’ll be sure to bring the reality of the Bahamian experience to your mind and body, and you won’t be disappointed.  There’s something so beautiful, colorful, complex, tasty and refreshing about Bahamian cocktails that you’ll either keep going back to the Caribbean for more…or you’ll find a way to bring the Bahamas to your own home, wherever that may be.  To share your favorite Caribbean cocktail recipes with our readers, email the recipe and a picture to tti@tastetheislandstv.com. Cheers!

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