Pineapple Pleasures: 5 Simple Pineapple Recipes

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Cuban Grilled Pineapple Recipe

Cuban Grilled Pineapple Slices Recipe

The pineapple is about as versatile as fruit gets. Juicy, sweet and refreshing on its own, pineapple is also perfect in cocktails, makes for sweet and exotic desserts, goes well with savory dishes likes pork, and can even be used to make salsa. There are so many pineapple recipes for you to try!

Pineapples are also really healthy packed with potassium, calcium vitamin C and vitamin B6. And let’s go out on a limb here (or a stem?) they just look cool. I mean, look at that spiky top. The topknot is making a comeback and pineapple takes it to the next level!

But seriously, if you’re passionate for Pineapple, fanatical for the fruit – we’ve got you covered. Try your hand at these five simple pineapple recipes:

1. Piña Asada (Grilled Pineapple Slices)

Sunday BBQ at your place and you want to have a sweet snack ready before everyone arrives? Start up your grilling with these pineapple slices dipped in brown sugar and butter. They’re great on their own, or you can try them on top of ice cream. Get the recipe for Cuban Piña Asada.

2. Cuban Pineapple Flan

You’re probably familiar with the traditional Latin American dessert, flan. In this recipe, tangy-sweet pineapple provides an exciting complement to creamy custard. Click here for the Cuban Pineapple flan recipe.

Cuban Pineapple Flan - Pineapple Recipes

Cuban Pineapple Flan

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