5 Cuban Dishes for Meat Lovers

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Croquetas de Papas y Jamón - Cuban Potato and Ham Croquettes - Cuban Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Croquetas de Papas y Jamón / Cuban Potato and Ham Croquettes

If you love you some meat and are in the mood for a hearty island-style plate, then one of these Cuban meat options could be your perfect choice. There is a variety of options whether you want something heavy or just a snack. Meat lovers, enjoy!

1. Croquetas de Papas y Jamón (Potato and Ham Croquettes)

Mix minced ham with mashed potatoes and fry the formed croquettes for this savory snack. They make a great appetizer as well. From start to finish, this dish takes some time to make (mostly just to chill the croquettes so they hold together while cooking). These are true to the well-loved eating experience of “soft on the inside and crispy on the outside” so give it a try! Get the recipe for Croquetas de Papas y Jamon.

2. Bistec de Palomilla (Cuban Palomilla Steak)

Is there anything better than a combination of steak and onions???!!! This entrée is particularly good because the meat can be marinated overnight, which makes the steak more tender and flavorful. To prepare, quickly pan braise the steak, then simmer the bits left in the pan with lime juice, left-over marinade, garlic and onions. Served together you have yourself a dish that looks good, smells good and tastes asombroso (amazing)! Try this traditional Bistec de Palomilla recipe.

Bistec de Palomilla - Cuban Style Steak - Cuban Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Bistec de Palomilla / Cuban Style Steak (Courtesy @exquisitamentv | Instagram)

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