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Karni Stoba - Dutch Caribbean Stews - Caribbean Recipes

Karni Stoba / Curacao Beef Stew

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao make up what are known as the ABC Islands or, along with a few other islands, the Dutch Caribbean.  All three of them are considered to be a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and all three are known for their culturally diverse cuisine, which includes several variations on “stoba,” or stew.  If you are in the mood for stew, here are some of our favorite Dutch Caribbean Stews for you to try:

1. Karni Stoba (Curacaoan Beef Stew with Green Papaya)

This beef stew is a Curacaoan favorite marked by its combination of thick, tangy, spicy, fragrant, and savory properties.  In very typical stew-making fashion, the pieces of beef are seasoned and then browned in oil to seal in the flavor.  The vegetables and water are then added so that the stoba can simmer, thus making the meat tender, and the flavors balanced and mellow.  Towards the end of cooking, tender potatoes and steamed green papaya chunks are added, and what you end up with is a classic Dutch Caribbean home-style dish. Try this authentic Karni Stoba recipe.

2. Banana Stoba (Curacaoan Stewed Plantains)

Unique to what we typically think of as stews, pumpkin, plantains and sweet potatoes are at the heart of this stoba.  Yes, there is some salted, and very tender meat in this tasty dish, but be prepared for your palate to be pleasantly surprised with the contrast of textures in this stew, along with seductive hints of cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. Click here for the Banana Stoba recipe.

Banana Stoba - Curacaoan Stewed Plantains - Curacaoan Recipes - Dutch Caribbean Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Banana Stoba / Curacaoan Stewed Plantains (Courtesy @shirleywiro | Instagram)

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