3 Spectacular Seafood Dishes

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Somethings fishy around here… but in a good way! We’ve collected a few of our favorite seafood recipes featuring three different types of seafood and three completely different spicy, saucy, flavorful cooking methods. You’ll find Latin, French and Jamaican influences in this selection.

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1. Chef Irie’s Mussels Chorizo

This dish is a Latin-inspired combination of fresh mussels (shellfish) and spicy, pimento-infused chorizo (seasoned pork sausages), prepared in Chef Irie’s signature style. The mango coconut sauce is infused with the liquor sprung by the mussels as they open during cooking, offering robust flavor that’s ready in less than 30 minutes. Now don’t waste the sauce! Make sure to soak it all up with pieces of hardy, crusty artisan bread.

2. Chef Irie’s Snapper en Papillote

The term “en papillote” refers to the traditional French method used to steam fish in a pouch made out of parchment paper. Jamaican steamed fish on the other hand, bathes the fish in liquid and butter, and seasons it with pimento seeds, thyme, scallions, scotch bonnet peppers and other island embellishments. Chef Irie has combined these two culinary favorites adding a “hortical” Caribbean kick to the more gourmet steaming pouch.  If you want to impress at a summer dinner party, rest assured your guests will adore the presentation of these perfect little packages.

Taste the Islands snapper en papillote

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3. Jamaican Style Peppered Shrimp

Driving around in Jamaica you can find these spicy crustaceans sold in snack sized plastic bags by vendors on many a street side. Peppered shrimp or “pepper swims” as the locals call it, is a bright red color and is prepared with the head and shell on to preserve the rich flavor. Remove the seeds from the fresh pepper you add to reduce the heat factor but keep the flavor. Makes a great appetizer or high protein snack for anyone in the family.

Taste the Islands Jamaican Peppered Shrimp

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