5 Valentine’s Day Recipes – Caribbean Collection

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Mango Cheesecake

Mango Cheesecake

It’s that time of year when love is in the air. Valentine’s Day celebrations are much anticipated by lovers everywhere hoping to strengthen a bond or start something new. Sweet treats have become staple Valentine’s Day recipes to enjoy. Spoil your special someone with these 4 Caribbean-inspired Valentine’s Day recipes.

1. Tropical Mango Cheesecake

A variety of mangoes grow aplenty in the Caribbean and are everybody’s favorite. They are sweet, juicy and full of texture. Combining this exciting ingredient with others into a cheesecake helps to create a treat that is sweet, memorable and exotic. Just what you need on Valentine’s Day! 😉 Get the recipe…

2. Chef Irie’s Guava Cream Cheese Phyllo Tartlets

A Greek inspired spin on a Latin American favorite. In season 1 of Taste the Islands, Chef Irie deconstructed Guava Cheese Pasteles. He whipped the simple guava paste into a light fluffy mousse and served it cupped inside a crispy, flaky Phyllo tart shell. The result is a mouthwatering Valentine’s Day recipe for the ages. Really simple and amazingly delicious. Get the recipe…

Chef Irie's Guava Cream Cheese Phyllo Tartlets Valentine's Day Recipes

Chef Irie’s Guava Cream Cheese Phyllo Tartlets 

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