Squash Anyone? 5 Caribbean Pumpkin Recipes

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Jamaican Cream of Pumpkin Soup - Caribbean Pumpkin Recipes

Get the recipe for Caribbean Cream of Pumpkin Soup

In countries with clearly defined seasons, breaking out the pumpkins is a sign of the approaching fall. In the endless summer of Caribbean living we only have to concern ourselves with a wet season and a dry season. Still we do indulge heavily in the pleasures of pumpkin and enjoy Caribbean pumpkin recipes year round.

The type we enjoy is called the “Calabaza”. It is a patchy green color on the outside with a familiar orange hue on the inside. The meat of the peeled calabaza pumpkin is used as a key ingredient to make soups, sides and entrees, or eaten boiled on its own as a side.

Here are 5 Caribbean Calabaza Pumpkin Recipes to warm your soul as the months get cold. (You can substitute butternut squash if you can’t find the calabza)

1. Jamaican Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Cream of Pumpkin soup Jamaican style is a smooth, rich, mildly flavored milk based soup served warm without any frills required. Serve it to start off a gourmet meal or in a large bowl with a dinner roll on the side.

2. Seasoned Rice

Caribbean Seasoned Rice - Caribbean Pumpkin Recipes

Get the recipe for Caribbean Seasoned Rice

3. Pumpkin Chicken Soup

This soup is enjoyed on Saturdays in Jamaica. The decadent flavor of the boiled pumpkin combined with tender chicken, corn, potatoes, carrots and the requisite boiled dumplings is warm and filling at the same time.

Chicken and Pumpkin Soup - Caribbean Pumpkin Recipes

Get the recipe for Chicken Soup with Pumpkin

4. Trinidadian Pumpkin Talkari or Choka

Talkari is a traditional Indian seasoned and mashed pumpkin dish served as a side in Trinidad. It often accompanies “sada roti”, a Trinidadian flat bread similar to naan or pita bread.

Trinidadian Pumpkin Takari (Choka) - Caribbean Pumpkin Recipes

Get the recipe for Trinidadian Talkari

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