4 Caribbean Cocktail Recipes

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Strawberry Daiquiri

With an abundance of colorful tropical fruits and rum shops a plenty, the Caribbean is the birthplace of many of the most popular cocktails. We put together a few cocktail recipes from around the Caribbean, each with a very different flavor and set of ingredients. From the quick two-ingredient Spiced Cherry to the somewhat complicated (though not too complicated) Irish Moss, one thing all of these cocktails have in common – in true Caribbean style – is rum!

1. Cuban Daiquiri

A little something sweet, a little something sour, and some good rum – that’s really all you need to make a classic Cuban daiquiri.  Variations usually include fruit juice or fresh fruit blended into the cocktail, like the strawberry daiquiri pictured above. Try this elegant, classic Cuban daiquiri recipe with maraschino cherry liqueur and a garnish of brandied cherries.

 2. Irish Moss

Irish Moss is a creamy and sweet Caribbean drink made with the mild-flavored seaweed, Irish moss. The seaweed is boiled and cooled to form a gel which is combined with sweet condensed milk, cinnamon and nutmeg, a splash of vanilla, and optionally, a shot of rum. The seaweed was originally discovered off the coast of Ireland (hence, the name) and was brought the attention of Caribbean locals by Irish indentured servants in the 17th century. This popular drink is considered by many to be a sort of love potion, so be careful… Get the Irish Moss recipe.

Irish Moss - Caribbean Recipes

Irish Moss

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