Pork Perfection: 4 Caribbean Pork Recipes

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Geera Pork - Trinidadian Recipes - Caribbean pork Recipes

Geera Pork

Plain old bacon and ham are amazing on their own, but if you want to try pork with some extra oomph – some spice or a bit of complexity – Caribbean pork recipes are sure to satisfy. We put together a list of a few pork recipes from around the Caribbean which are each very unique, just like the islands from which they come. Read on and be transported to pork paradise.   

1. Trinidadian Geera Pork

Lots of spice and a long, slow simmer go into making this delicious and tantalizing dish. Bite-size pieces of pork are heavily seasoned with garlic, pimento, cumin, and a handful of other spices and ingredients, then slow cooked until perfectly tender. It’s often served in bars as a finger food, and some even believe that eating Geera Pork makes it harder to get intoxicated! Test this theory at your own risk ;). Try this authentic Trinidadian Geera Pork recipe.

2. Bahama-Mama Pork

These succulent and juicy pork chops are browned and then simmered in a sweet pineapple-raisin chili sauce. This tropical dish is simple and quick enough to throw together on a weeknight. Serve it with a side of rice, and you have a satisfying meal with the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors. Get the recipe for Bahama-Mama Pork.

Bahama-Mama Pork Chops - Bahamian Recpies - Caribbean pork Recipes

Bahama-Mama Pork Chops

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