Drink to Dessert – A Haitian Meal

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Haitian Kremas - Egg Nog - Haitian Recipes - Caribbean Recipes - Haitian Meal

Haitian Kremas / Egg Nog

If you want an authentic way to have an immersive Haitian experience, the quickest and cheapest way to get it is through your taste buds. Here we present to you, the elements of a tasty Haitian meal beginning with a festive nog and ending with a uniquely Caribbean pudding.

1. Kremas (Haitian Nog)

Refreshing, creamy and delicious, Haitian Kremas is a lip-smacking drink that combines rich milks, warm spices, a splash of lime, and of course…rum. Unlike other nogs, there are no eggs in Kremas, and you can make it without the rum if you want the little ones to enjoy too. Makes a great party drink! Get the recipe for Kremas.

2. Akra or Accra Fritters

The base of Accra or Akra fritters is pureed malanga or coco. That’s a starchy, highly nutritious, fiber-filled and non-allergenic vegetable root native to Central and South America. This appetizer has garlicky, onion-pepper-herb flavors combined with an optional protein and then deep fried to crispy perfection. Try this traditional Akra recipe.

Akra - Haitian Fritters - Haitian Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Accra or Akra / Haitian Fritters (Courtesy @inna-dot-travels | Instagram)

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