10 Caribbean Holiday Recipes

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Jamaican Sorrel - Hibiscus - Jamaican Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Jamaican Sorrel (Hibiscus)

Food is fantastic in the Caribbean year round, but there are some epicurean delights that are reserved specifically for the holidays. Near Christmas time, you’ll find a gamut of Caribbean holiday recipes throughout the islands, including different versions of eggnog, holiday desserts and lots of pork.

The drinks and desserts should always have a bit of alcohol. Everything else just has to be plentiful and yummy. Here are some of our favorite Caribbean holiday recipes for you to try.

1. Jamaican Sorrel (Hibiscus)

Celebrate the holidays Jamaican-style with some festive Jamaican Sorrel (known elsewhere as Hibiscus). It is a spicy, sweet, tart traditional holiday beverage that tastes great and has some awesome anti-oxidants! During the holidays in Jamaica, the dried flowers are steamed with ginger, then optionally mixed with rum and wine and served over ice. A must-have during the Christmas season. Try this simple Sorrel recipe.

2. Jamaican Jerk Turkey

Say buh-bye to boring roast turkey and hello to a tasty new island inspired holiday tradition! This recipe for Jamaican Jerk Turkey is simple and delicious. You can use a store bought jerk seasoning or make it from scratch. Simply massage the seasoning into the turkey, bake and voila! Instead of your typical cranberry sauce, try it with Spicy Jamaican Sorrel Chutney. Get the Jerk Turkey recipe.

Jamaican Jerk Turkey - Jamaican Recipes - Caribbean Recipes

Jamaican Jerk Turkey

3. Jamaican Black Cake (Christmas Fruit Cake)

Jamaican Black Cake, or Christmas Pudding, is a spiced cake made with a combination of raisins, cherries, prunes, and other dried fruits. This classic cake has endless variations, and surely no two households make it exactly the same way. Most recipes call for soaking the dried fruits in alcohol for up to a year before cooking! Click here for a simple, yet flavorful, Jamaican Fruit Cake recipe.

Jamaican Christmas Pudding

Jamaican Christmas Pudding (Courtesy @jehancancook | Instagram)

4. Conkies

Conkies are a Barbadian dessert or snack made with a flavorful base of corn flour, coconut, pumpkin, and sweet potato, and seasoned with brown sugar, spices, and raisins. The mixture is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, which makes for a convenient unwrap-and-eat treat. Traditionally they’re made in November to celebrate Barbados’ Independence Day, however conkies are a popular treat all throughout the holidays. Try this easy Conkies recipe.

Barbadian Conkies - Barbadian Recipes - Barbadian Holiday Recipes - Caribbean recipes

Barbadian Conkies

5. Gungo Peas and Rice

Gungo Peas and Rice (called Arroz y Gandules in Spanish) is a dish enjoyed throughout the year in the Latin American countries, and in Jamaica, especially during the holiday season. A variation of traditional rice & red beans, gungu peas & rice includes pigeon peas and coconut milk. Try this traditional Gungo Peas and Rice recipe.

Gungo Peas and Rice | Jamaican Holiday Recipes | Caribbean Holiday Recipes

Gungo Peas and Rice (Instagram | yochiminchung)

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