6 Caribbean Brunch Bites

Chef Irie Jerk Turkey Frittata - Caribbean Brunch

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On a lazy Sunday morning, whether you’re sleeping in or coming from church, brunch ALWAYS sounds better than breakfast. Eggs are appropriate, but so is roast beef! 🙂 This weekend, why not add some of our traditional Caribbean brunch items to your brunch menu. Enjoy!

1. Chef Irie’s Jerk Turkey Frittata

Ever had a bunch of leftover meat from last nights dinner, but been bored with the thought of another sandwich? Chef Irie’s got the remedy with his easy recipe for a jerk turkey frittata. Swap the protein out for beef, pork or poultry, mixed in with vegetables, eggs and a spot of jerk seasoning. Try a little jerk powder or paste in your regular scrambled eggs too. Now that’s the original awesome sauce!

2. Ripe Banana Fritters

When you’ve got overripe bananas sitting on your kitchen counter, use them to make these delightful little fritters. These sweet bites are a traditional breakfast or brunch item served in Jamaica, and are an interesting alternative to your regular old pancakes.

Banana Fritters - Caribbean Brunch

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3. Mangu

A traditional Dominican side dish consisting of smashed plantains, usually served with breakfast. Top with savory garnishes like sauteed red onions, salami, eggs, avocado or cheese.

Dominican Mangu - Caribbean Brunch

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